Controlled Building Services offers a wide range of services for the commercial and industrial services market.

Preventative Maintenance.

We create a maintenance plan tailored to fit your equipment and business needs, ensuring hygiene standards are met, equipment is operating efficiently, running costs are kept down and unwanted and unnecessary breakdowns are prevented.

Breakdown Response.

We provide a 24/7 breakdown service with all work carried out by qualified tradesmen ensuring minimal down time and cost to your business, giving you peace of mind in the event of equipment failure any time of day or night.

Audits and Asset Management.

We provide a detailed audit on your Mechanical Plant and its equipment, and offer tailored reporting on repair and maintenance history to manage your assets effectively

Design & Installation.

We offer complete design and build plans to suit all budgets and applications. From simple single units to main plant, or just competitive pricing on a specified design.

  • Gas fired heating systems
  • Packaged Air Conditioning units
  • Server room process coolers
  • Mechanical wiring
  • Commercial Air conditioning and heat recovery

Health & Safety.

All of our work is governed by our organisational standards, which are:

  • strong client focus – we place emphasis on an agreed understanding of our client’s needs, ensuring that our work delivers on the clients’ expectations, and is specifically tailored to the scope of work agreed under the contract;
  • The ability to be flexible and have rapid turnaround on work with tight deadlines;
  • focus on communication and a partnership-based approach: collaboration is central to our way of working – both internally and with clients;
  • Adherence to safety requirements and ethical practice;
  • Excellence in all our work both directly in response to the client’s needs, and in adding value to the work outputs – for example we look for innovative solutions that not only deal with the problem at hand, but provide a solid basis for future action;
  • Evidence-based and practical: we always apply a ‘reality check’ to our work; and
  • Practising and promoting sustainability in all parts of our business.